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Update Thanks Edit: Why I want to do this: The fact is I have created a copy/move custom workflow activity which copies or moves files in the entire farm. Copying files out of libraries with RMS enabled can cause alot of issues because it is simply not supported.

But I managed to get around all these issues, only one problem stays: After MOVING (so move, not copy) a file in the farm, the version histories metadata is lost.

Change Static parameters in SPFILE: Changing static parameters requires the SPFILE option for the SCOPE clause with ALTER SYSTEM Statement and changes applies to SPFILE only.

I am using this code, but it does not change anything in the "Version History" in the UI.(only the current versions metadata is shown) (original document: document after move: The only way to get what I want is to move the file using "Manage content and structure"...So to fix this, I would like to modify each version serperatly and set the correct version metadata as was visible before the move. (this uses SPExport/SPImport, which I am not allowed to use SPExport/SPImport does not work with RMS enabled libraries) Jasper, I have edited my post and explained it at the bottom of the post (including 2 pictures of an example).For ex:- SQL alter system set processes=200 scope=both; alter system set processes=200 scope=both * ERROR at line 1: ORA-02095: specified initialization parameter cannot be modified Above statement failed because “processes” is Static parameter and can be used with SCOPE=SPFILE only.SQL select name, value, isspecified from v$spparameter where name ='processes'; NAME VALUE ISSYS_MODIFIABLE ------------------- -------------- --------------------------- Processes 150 TRUE Changing Static parameters in PFILE: Edit the “$ORACLE_HOME/dbs/init.ora” file with new value and bounce the database to take effect the modified parameters.

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